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They say dolphins are intelligent, intuitive, and social. You will get to experience this yourself. First the group has a 30 minute training session. Next, you’ll wade into the shallow lagoon where you’ll meet and become best friends with a playful bottlenose dolphin. You’ll have the opportunity to spend some time hugging and kissing your new dolphin pal, then you’ll get the ride of your life as you hold onto their dorsal fin and pull you around the water. You’ll feel like you’re flying and never want the moment to end. Your swim with dolphins in Orlando will be truly unforgettable. You will round out your vacation with a special day at Sea World and Busch Gardens. All paperwork and payment must be received before 8/29/22. If the trip is cancelled after this date, cancellation penalties will apply.


Destination Type
Walking Level
2 / 3


Total Cost
Minimum Payment Required?
Payment and Paperwork
Payment and Paperwork due before 9/9/22


Registration Closes
August 29, 2022