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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of assistance do you offer?
  • Typically, our staff/traveler ratio is 1:3 or 1:4.
  • Traveler’s requiring more assistance have the option to bring their own PCA (at a discounted rate).
What are the sleeping arrangements?
  • Every traveler is guaranteed their own bed.
  • Men and women travelers will not share a room unless approved by each traveler’s guardian/legal representative prior to the trip.  
How are medications distributed?
  • We utilize a medication administration record that informs staff when medications need to be given.
  • Medications will be given at the same time they are normally given in each traveler’s home time zone. We will compensate for time zone changes
Is there a number for me to call and check on my loved one while they are on a trip?

Yes, after the registration forms and payment are received, we will send out a pre-trip information packet including phone numbers for contacting the Hammer Travel staff.

What type of transportation is used?
  • The traveler’s family or caregiver will provide transportation to and from the airport or initial starting point of the trip.
  • With some exception, we will use rental cars and vans for transportation at each destination. We may use shuttle buses, cruise ships, taxicabs and pontoon boats for various activities on the trip.
What does a typical day on a trip look like?
  • Activities are planned so that travelers won’t feel rushed.
  • Trips are designed to promote as much individuality/independence as possible.
  • Detailed trip itineraries will be sent out to each person registered for the trip.
Do you have a plan in place in case of an emergency?
  • The best way to deal with an emergency is to prevent one in the first place. We do this by having well-trained travel team members.
  • Travel team members receive thorough training in CPR, First Aid, and several other emergency skills.
  • We also have 24-hour on-call administrators and nurses to help if any emergency arises.
Can I go on a trip if I need to use a wheelchair?
  • Yes, however, we have a limit to the number of wheelchairs we can take on each trip. If we have reached our space limit for a particular trip, you will be placed on the waitlist and be given the opportunity to reserve a spot on the next trip to that destination.
  • Depending on the level of care needed, we may require that you bring your own staffing to guarantee the safest experience possible.

Here are a few other things that pertain to traveling in a wheelchair:

  • We are not able to provide accommodations for anyone needing special equipment like a Hoyer Lift, Sit to Stand device, etc., as hotel rooms are not conducive to their use.
  • If a lift van is needed, we will require you to bring your own staff to assist you on the trip and to drive the van, and that arrangements and payment for the vehicle be made by you. We will guide you through the process, and you will also receive a discount on the cost of the trip.
  • Due to a limited number of accessible hotel rooms at a destination, we cannot guarantee that the accessible room we reserved will be available when we arrive, as hotels will sometimes overbook.
  • If we cannot find the appropriate hotel room for your needs, or the room we reserved was given away, you may be moved to/booked at a different hotel than where the group is staying. To assure your safety, this will only occur if there is a staff member (someone you are traveling with, or a Hammer Travel associate) able to stay with you.
  • Unfortunately, there are a small number of destinations where we cannot accommodate wheelchairs at all; see our website for this information.
  • Please call our office with any questions, we will work with you to find the best option for your situation.
Does Hammer Travel offer trip insurance?

No, we don’t.  However, we do have a company that is familiar with Hammer Travel and that we can recommend.  Click on the link or call the number for additional information. Yonder is a separate company and not associated with Hammer Travel.

Yonder Trip Insurance  –  855-358-6433

Can I contact Hammer Travel on weekends?

The Hammer Travel office is staffed during the week days only.  You may leave a message and someone will get back to you on Monday.  If you have a question regarding a trip leaving on Monday, call the trip leader phone number on your itinerary and leave a message.

Will Hammer Travel ever cancel a trip due to bad weather?

If the airlines are flying to the destination and the hotel is open, Hammer Travel will be there.  Safety is our top priority, so if we need to cancel a trip due to weather, you will be contacted by a Hammer Travel representative.