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Why Choose Us


Safety is our top priority on all of our trips. These are just a few of the many precautions we take at our disability travel agency for our Minnesota travelers and travelers across the United States.

  • We keep detailed medication sheets that are traveler specific.
  • We adjust med passing times to accommodate for time changes due to time zones.
  • We will safely accommodate for most medical equipment/needs.
  • Hammer Travel has a 24-hour on-call nursing department during each trip.


  • It is company policy that no one will ever share a bed with anyone unless it is requested and approved prior to the trip by the traveler and/or his/her guardian.
  • Everyone involved in the trip will be given contact information, and phone calls will be returned as soon as possible.
  • Our travel team member-to-traveler ratio will typically be 1:4 and can be reduced to 1:1 if the needs of travelers require further assistance.

Unique Destinations

We strive to provide unique destinations and exploration opportunities on our trips, and we work hard to take into account each traveler’s choices and opinions.

  • We will plan each day with down time to allow each traveler to explore, enjoy and relax at each activity on the trip.
  • At our intellectual disability travel agency, we give our travelers from Minnesota and around the nation the opportunity to choose destination specific activities while on each trip.


  • Our goal is to provide a person-centered experience for each of our travelers.
  • We will allow for a variety of dining experiences and limit fast food meals.
  • Each traveler’s opinions, choices and rights will be valued on every trip to ensure individual needs/desires are met.