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San Diego is known for having the BEST weather in the US. The city has a relaxed and friendly vibe and offers a lot to do. Spend a day on one of the pristine beaches to soak in the sun. Perhaps you will see one of the Pacific Harbour Seals or California sealions basking in the sun. Whale watching is also a must during this time as the whales are coming from Alaska to Baja CA to give birth in the warmer waters! Visit the famous San Diego Zoo with more than 4,000 animals. There will be plenty of time to shop in Old Town San Diego for trinkets and treasures. All paperwork and payment must be received before 12/16/23. If the trip is cancelled after this date, cancellation penalties will apply.


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4 / 5


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Payment and Paperwork due before December 16, 2023


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December 16, 2023